yesterday we got together with our dear friends for our annual christmas play date. we had a new addition this year (baby charlie!) which makes me really happy. for our neighbors we have all exchanged treats each year. for the last couple of years i've made cookies in a jar because this time of year we are so inundated with sweets that it's nice to be able to give something that can be made up to a month or so later. this year as part of our advent calendar, matilda helped me make toffee blondies in a jar. thought we'd mix it up a little and do brownies instead. wild, right?
the reason we were collecting pinecones the other day was because i wanted to use them to adorn a few of the gifts that i'm making. i love the idea of taking something completely natural and from the earth and modernizing it with a bit of metallic and a little sparkle. matilda had so much fun rolling the sprayed pinecones in the glitter. i only sprayed the top halves so that she could hold the bottoms for dipping. i used this metallic spray paint and the world's prettiest glitter. i attached them to the jars with garden wire.

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