Hello! I've missed this place. It feels so good to be starting a new year. I'm so pumped to hunker down and get back to a routine. That being said, I know a lot of people are anti-resolution, but honestly I love them. I try to never give up, so resolutions are just another way to keep my goals in check and to stay inspired. I adore the freshness that comes with a new year. The feeling that anything is possible...

I resolve to:
  • Spend less time on social media and more time creating. For me these two go hand in hand.
  • Eat cleaner than ever. Green smoothies here I come!
  • Commit to running and/or yoga three days a week.
  • Be easier on myself and other people.
  • Eat, sleep, breathe love. God is in control.

    I hope you all had an insanely relaxing and love-filled holiday break. There is nothing quite like eating your weight in cookies and celebrating with your favorite people. Wanna share your resolutions? I'm listening!
    - Lesley

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    1. Love resolutions! That first me. Even if I just cut ten minutes of social media out a day, imagine what I could get done creatively in a month! Thanks for getting me thinking, and happy New Year!

    2. Let's hold each other accountable Elizabeth! ha. Happy new year!!

    3. those are really good resolutions, lesley. i especially love the first and the last. :)

    4. i am ready to get back to the ol' routine again too. really my kiddos are just driving me nuts and i need preschool and we sports to start again!

    5. This is awesome! We definitely have some of the same resolutions! Have you checked out #4 of the healthy habits to take in the new year and beyond yet? I think you'd like it! :)

      Happy New Year Lesley!

    6. that's an awesome goal food babe! i love me some greenness in my life.

    7. lol...i want to spend more time on social media AND more time creating!

      your last resolution makes me relax and take a deep breath, thanks.

    8. a week later, and i'm finally posting some resolutions. they're kind of similar to yours.
      resume clean eating
      be more creative
      take more risks
      focus on my relationship with God
      spend less money


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