One of my biggest resolutions that I didn't share yesterday, is to get my new shop up and off the ground. Tiny Fete (a little party) is my curated collection of treasures from dresses + aprons to bags for you. Each garment or item is available in hand-picked fabrics for you to choose from. The collection is inspired by celebrations, sparkles, natural textures, shiny hearts, florals, polka dots, confetti, lemon yellow and sorbet pink. Matilda is clearly my muse and biggest inspiration. I wanted pieces that could be enjoyed without a lot of fuss, with easy care.

I am so excited to be focusing my efforts on growing this brand that has been on the back burner for so long now. It's a big dream that I'm excited to make a reality. It feels good to be putting myself out there. I've got lots of secret mini resolutions that I'm pushing for. More pieces will be popping up in the shop soon. Wish me luck!
- Lesley

ps Lots of fun out takes here, you'll see how Sam got that big grin out of Matilda.


  1. Good for you! I love the fabrics - adding to the list next time I need a kid pressie or a new bag!

  2. LOVE IT! You GO! Will be excited to watch your shop and for more pics of your little cutie!

  3. Lesley,
    Love that fabric!!!! Take it and run!! You can do it!!

  4. thanks so much for the kind words! i'm excited!

  5. So proud of you and so excited to see how your shop grows. So much talent!

  6. Very exciting! Best of luck, Lesley!

  7. thank you claire and adrienne! means a lot coming from talented women like yourselves.


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