When Matilda and I went to the store to stock up on a few party supplies we discovered that the roses (leftover from Valentine's most likely) were only $5 for two dozen?! I was so excited that I picked up a bunch of pale pink and a bunch of cream. I also threw in some inexpensive pink carnations. I like to mix flowers with herbs from my garden, makes them look fuller and a little messier. I used thyme, rosemary, and parsley.
I love having flowers in the house. It makes me feel so happy. I was able to make FIVE arrangements out of all of those gorgeous roses. It was such a fun night with a small group of some of my favorite girl friends that I've known at least 10+ years. Everyone brought wine and cheese and we had olives and spinach dip. My expert dessert friend brought this which is always a hit. She used real whipped cream and Pamela's cookies. Yum. I made a tomato salad out of heirloom tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil, and salt + pepper. I also made roasted chickpeas with chipotle pepper and cayenne pepper. So easy and fun to snack on. It was a truly special night missing a few of my dear friends that are scattered across the country.


  1. I bought 2 dozen as well, and they are still gorgeous :) Love harry's!

  2. Ahh flowers...I am craving fresh flowers!! That coca-cola crate is amazing - love your styling :)

  3. These are so lovely! I am with you on having fresh flowers in the house. It just makes you feel good. And I am so sad I couldn't make it. One day I won't live to far away, I promise. xo

  4. Wow, what a deal! It's a true example of trash turned into treasure! They still look amazing for being discounted to that price!!! They definitely caught my eye while running through my blog feed! It makes me want to go out and purchase some flowers today!


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