tee/ jeans/ booties /trench/

My birthday is next week and well I've got a wish list. Too bad I broke my sewing machine and my new beauty will be my birthday/ Christmas present for the next five years. A girl can still dream about the perfect spring wardrobe. Right? I've been obsessed with colored denim for a while, making regular jeans seem boring. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect trench. This one is pretty darn close.

Sam and I had such a great time last night. A cheat night fo sho. We drank sparkling rose while we made filet mignon with a creamy brandy peppercorn sauce, dreamy mashed potatoes, peas, and chocolate pots de creme with fresh whipped cream for dessert. I was so nervous while I was making the dessert that I was sweating. Happy to report they turned out perfect! Phew. Cooking side by side is such a fun thing to do together, especially while listening to Van Morrison on Pandora. Sam got me the most beautiful orchid that I hope I don't kill.

How was your night? Got anything on your wish list?


  1. i love february birthdays! happy early birthday! mine is in two weeks! quick question...can i have all these pieces shipped to my house? ;)

  2. aww, i got a beautiful orchid too... and also deathly afraid of killing it


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