We are finally conquering this mess this weekend. I'm hoping to inspire Matilda to help me with this book. It's my one true birthday wish to get our house organized. I'm talkin' major purging happening. I don't want to have anything that I don't just LOVE in the house. That's the goal anyway. Some spring cleaning. We also have plans to do a little celebrating, which I like to keep low-key. Read: hot dogs and hanging out at the high with my man.

What are your plans?!


  1. we are doing purging and organizing too! it's my craft room (yes that sigh/groan you heard was from me from texas!)we did little man's room 2 weekends ago and it's been so nice! can't wait to see the after pix!

  2. i love her little room! esp that name banner over her bed. adorable! :)

  3. We did some major organizing in Luke's room. I was able to purge quite a bit on the DL :) I want to share pictures on the blog next week cause it may never be this neat again!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. Her room looks so inviting!! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I went to Rhode Island what weekend and toured the Vanderbuilt mansions :) So many beautiful things!


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