This week I've been really thinking about the kind of person I want to be. About what people would say about me at my funeral. Morbid, huh? I just want to be a person of substance. Someone that does more than instagram or make things. I want to make a difference. There are a lot of moments in my life that I wish I could do differently. I think a lot about my relationships with people. I want the people in my circle to know how much I love them. As ridiculous as this sounds I've been thinking a lot about Tammy Taylor. She's not a real person, she's a character on Friday Night Lights. Sam and I just started watching it and well, she's my new hero. I love the grace that she possesses under fire, her calm demeanor. She's a really good listener. She handles things so well. I want to be like her. She's a great wife and mother. In the end that's what really matters. What matters is how well we love people, how we glorify God, how we put ourselves last. It's kind of the opposite of that the world tells us to do, I think that's why it seems so unnatural. I'm working on growing up.


  1. I too wanted to be Miss Tammy Taylor when we watched that show. She's strong and vulnerable and thoughtful all at the same time. And also gorgeous.
    And the show also made me really want to move to small town Texas. We can't even go watch a local football team and pretend here! Ha!

  2. Great Stuff, Les. It's hard to remember that we are storing up riches for the next life, the one that last forever. It's easy to be trapped in what the world wants/ needs from us. I am doing a bible study right now, called Beauty By the Book. It focuses on becoming a Biblically beautiful women. It's mostly out of Proverbs. Of course proverbs 31 is a good place to start. What you do for Matilda and Sam can never ever be replaced. If it were your funeral, or anyone's, the world would go on, any jobs you have would replace you within weeks, and life would just keep moving. For those people in your four walls, you could never be replaced and life would be forever changed for them. It's taken me years to realize that "substance" I leave on the world isn't really what matters, it's what happens in these 4 walls that I was/ am called to do. That's been a real struggle for me, and I to am still working on it. This doesn't mean we can't be successful in the world, but it's not the ultimate success. Proverbs 19:8 tells us, "To acquire wisdom is to love oneself. People who cherish understanding will prosper." In other words, we should always be aiming to be all that we have been called to be. I don't think we ever get to a point where we stop seeking that meaning and "substance" to our lives. By doing what you are doing, you are a woman of substance! Wisdom is the most important thing. Seek, and ye shall find! God Bless. XOXO I love reading your post! Have a great week.


  3. Great post, Lesley. I find myself struggling with figuring out myself as well. Am I doing anything with my life? What do others think of me?..etc. Thinking of all the "things" I wanna be, all the bases I want to cover... It ends up making me a wee nauseous. It's usually around that time that I remember that all I'm supposed to do is love and let God do his thang through me. Simple. And serving God means all the other bases are covered.

    You're so great Lesley!! I love you:) Thanks for getting me thinking this A.M.

  4. wonderfully simple post lesley. you are all of these things already!! now you can spend your energy honing each one and maximizing its power in your life.

  5. I love this idea of writing it down to visualize!!! I've never seen that show/movie (not sure which) but Tammy Taylor sounds like a lovely lady :)

  6. I love Tammy Taylor and how their marriage is portrayed and their parenting together. Love Friday Night Lights!:)


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