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I mentioned earlier that we are planning a family beach trip with some friends (in September!) and even though it's months away we are already in the planning stages and it's kind of all I want to think about. I love looking at beach houses. I don't have a lot of requirements but these houses above certainly fit the bill. One requirement we do have is a private pool because we will have some new babies on board and new moms certainly deserve to relax! We are looking at the South Walton Beach area. If you know of any great houses that sleep around 10 with a pool, I'm all ears!

Also, I am so flattered to be in such good company over at the Homies Awards for best family blog on apartment therapy! It would obviously make my day if you wanted to vote for me. <3


  1. I am feeling the same way with needing a vacation! I'm trying to convince Daniel of a trip this spring. Congrats on your Homie Award. I'm happy to vote for you :)

    1. thank you so much amy!! hope daniel gives you a vacation. spring sounds just about perfect!

  2. I have been missing you my friend! Somewhere in all the baby stuff, I missed that you moved. So glad to have found you again :). xo

  3. Who is having new babies??!! I wish I could go on a trip like this! I got to go on that incredible beach trip with the Freitags last summer, but in general it's a rare thing since all my breaks are spent in Georgia. I gotta get down to SoCal more often--I used to go at least once a year but have been slacking!


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