Wanna hear a not-so-funny story? The other day when I dropped Matilda off at Parent's Morning Out, I came back to pick her up and all of the kids were sitting nicely at the tables and Matilda was in the corner crying. Lady at PPO: "She's a little upset." Me: "Oh no. Why are you upset Matilda?" Lady: "Well, she wanted a lunch." Me: "Oh, well how does that work." Lady: "Well, you have to bring her one." Yeah. Mother of the year. I had no idea that they served lunch. Now I do!

So, after that notsofun experience I've been on the hunt for a cool lunchbox and I remembered seeing this series on the Bleubird blog. James is one of those superwomen that home schools and cooks perfect meals for her adorable family and runs a megablog. She is always perfectly put together, etc. I love these creative lunches that incorporate fun and healthy elements. I also remember thinking these bento boxes were amazing. So, I ordered Matilda her very own Goodbyn in strawberry. Here's to healthy lunches and kids not crying in corners.


  1. I often wish someone would make me lunches like these to take to work! I think I should shoot for equally colorful and fun lunches for myself next week!

  2. Awwww, poor little M! I remember a horror story from when I was 5. I was going to some day camp at Laurel Park (which I didn't want to go to!), and I'd cry every morning before mama dropped me off. But she would leave me a sweet lunch in a brown paper bag, which made me feel connected to her. One day, after our hike or whatever we did that day, we congregated at the picnic tables for lunch, and one of the counselors told me that SQUIRRELS HAD EATEN MY LUNCH! I cried & cried. She offered me some of her lunch, but I didn't want it . . . I only wanted what my mama packed. haha!

  3. These lunch boxes are adorable!! And I agree about Ms. James - she's invincible!!!!

  4. these are really cute. so i have a good question for you that i've been wanting to ask you for ages... what on earth do you feed matilda? is she picky? when i was making my own baby food- i made every vegetable & fruit under the sun and ian ate them all (beets, brussels sprouts- you name it). now that he's no longer eating purees- he won't touch anything but peas & black beans. he'll eat the pouches of fruits/veggies- which is great, but he can't eat those forever. he loves fruit- but i need him eating more veggies- or more of anything. also, he's allergic to milk/eggs... soooo...

    1. hey girl. i feel ya. matilda has gotten to be much pickier than she used to be. the easiest way to get veggies in her is the green smoothie. works wonders. if it's in smoothie form she'll drink it. just keep exposing him to new things. our tastebuds constantly evolve and i think it's important to not give up! have a great weekend!


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