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Hello! We had a seriously busy weekend. We finished Matilda's room. I am SO happy and I think she likes it. We spent all weekend fixing, cleaning, shopping at Ikea. Why is it that a project always takes multiple runs?! Sunday was spent cleaning out my Mom's garage. We found so many gems like this and this and this. So, in other words I am pooped and my sweet little fish is sick for only the second time in her life. Thankful she's so healthy.

Can't wait to show you pictures of Matilda's room. It was so dark and stormy that I'll have to wait on that mysterious sun to come out. Oh, and my amazingly thoughtful husband installed dimmers! I love them so much I want them in every room.

How was your weekend?


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see Matilda's room :) You're lucky to have an Ikea. I have to make a detailed plan before we go to ours in Charlotte, 3 hours away. If we forget something, we're just screwed! Hope Matilda feels better soon. <3

  2. Your weekends always inspire me to make the most of the few days off I have! THANK YOU!


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