Inspiration photo from Martha Stewart

I've been wanting to switch out the builder-beige light fixture that has been in Matilda's room since we moved in. Keeping our budget in mind we purchased this pendant lamp from Ikea. Although I like it just fine, I wanted to give it a little more whimsy. I was so inspired by these copper dots as seen here and here. I appreciate modern design, but it has to be softened to live in our house.

You'll need:

poster board
circle cutter
gold spray paint
paint thinner

I used the 2 3/8 hole to make my circle in the middle of a rectangular-shaped piece of poster board, about the size of a standard shoe box. You may need a helper for the second part. Sam held the lamp and sprayed inside the circle while I flattened the poster board on to the lamp to create the circles. Contact paper would also be a really easy way to do this. Simply cut out all of your circles and stick them accordingly on the lamp. I wanted the circles to be big and spread out to keep them looking a little more sophisticated. We finished the lamp by spraying lightly in a straight line at the bottom. Any smudges or overspray we removed with a cloth and a little paint thinner. That's it!


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