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You've made it! Week one and week two are the hardest weeks to get through. Now comes the fun, you can now introduce a cheat meal into your week. Enjoy planning out exactly what you want to splurge on and within an hour eat as much of whatever you want as possible. Most likely you'll be ready and willing to go back to eating healthy afterwards. Cheat meals usually leave you feeling uncomfortably satisfied. Ha.

Make sure to add in healthy fruits, specifically berries. They are lower in sugar than a lot of other fruits and they have loads of vitamins and antioxidants in them. Also feel free to add in sprouted grains like ezekial bread, but avoid eating fruits and grains together and stick to either food groups in the morning so that you have all day to use up their energy. You can also add in a glass of red wine, just not every day. I also forgot to mention that you should try to wait 12 hours between dinner and breakfast to help your body properly digest your food at night.

Feel free to ask any questions, basically from here on you'll be adding in around 5 more carbohydrates per day each week. Hope you are feeling healthy and energized. Your immune system will thank you too. Ever since changing the way I eat I get sick way less than I used to. I don't want to say how long its been so that I don't jinx myself.

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  1. its soooo true about when you have a "cheat' meal! I haven't realized how few carbs I've been consuming (though still having oatmeal and such for breakfast) but on sunday I decided to eat a sandwich on 2 pieces of whole wheat bread. I was knocked out for 2.5 hours and finally had to make myself get up to make my family dinner! Then yesterday I went to costco with my parents and they wanted to eat there. So I got a salad. but I ate a small part of someone's pizza and then a few spoonfuls of my brother's fro-yo. sounds innocuous but I felt so bloated and yucky. It really made me realize what the difference feels like when I eat healthy vs. unhealthy. When you cut out all the bad stuff you REALLY feel it when you eat it again!

    oh and I LOVE what you have done to matilda's room! I feel like Olivia and matilda's rooms could be sisters!! haha


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