Red pepper recipe here/ Christy Turlington for Madame Le Figaro

Here we are... week two! Read about week one to get all caught up. Week two is exactly the same as week one if your goal is serious overhaul on your health and you need to lose weight. If you are just wanting to incorporate more healthy foods and to change your lifestyle then you can now start adding in berries to the rotation. The goal is to restart your metabolism. When your body is used to constantly burning carbohydrates, it can never really burn fat. Once your body can start burning fat, then you'll really start to see changes. Continue to avoid all alcohol. Don't forget to print off your health log so that you can visually see the changes that are happening!

Would love to hear from anyone who is playing along with us. How are you feeling?

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  1. Hi! Still going strong and feeling much better over here without Diet Coke! Have had a cup or so of coffee in the morning and that has helped keep the caffeine withdraw in check.
    Wow, so restarting your metabolism ?! I didn't realize this and now I'm intrigued. Nervous how I'll fare with eating healthy and needing to keep three little kids and a husband fed. I would have to do some serious meal planning, I feel, to stay on track.
    I know you've done this before, but it'd be great to see what your actual diet/meal plan looked like over the last week or so.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!:)


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