As you can see this little cutie is feeling better, still a little tender and taking extra long naps, but I think we are rounding the bend. This Spring Dream dress is just about as springy as it gets and the perfect way to announce that I am now taking custom Easter dress orders on Tiny Fete. I would be happy to work with you to create a dreamy frock for your little one. Easter in on April 8th this year, so my deadline for orders will be March 15th to make sure I can get the dress to you in plenty of time.

I would also like to wish my favorite guy a very Happy Anniversary!! Sam and I are celebrating our 7th year of marriage this year and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you Sam for making me a mother of this sweet angel, for loving me through thick and thin. For being my best friend and support system. I couldn't imagine a happier thought than remembering each and every morning that I'm Mrs. Sam Graham. I love you. (I also looked for hours online for wedding pictures and turned up with nada. Need to put that scanner to use!)


  1. happy anniversary -- you guys are some of the cutest peeps i know. best wishes for many more happy years ahead!!

  2. Love the pics. Tilly is growing up too fast!!!

  3. If only I had a daughter...or niece or someone to buy these for. Soon! ;)


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