I just found out that we are springing forward on Sunday. This time change gets me super excited for grilled dinners and eating outdoors, long walks in the afternoon, and a little bit of sunbathing mixed in. I'm loving navy mixed with bright colors and that patchwork bathing suit is just about as good as it gets. I live in saltwater sandals in the warmer months. I love this red pair. Did you know you can order nail polish through zappos now? Free shipping, just tack that perfect coral shade on to your next shoe purchase! Have a happy weekend! I'm going to be at Seed Factory this weekend for our nursery launch. It should be a lot of fun if you are planning for baby, or know someone who is. Have anything fun planned?



  1. So darn cute! This brightened my day!

  2. These are absolutely adorable. I can't stand how cute Anthropologie's bathing suits are EVERY SEASON given that they are so expensive. Ugh. Also, I'm not ready for bathing suit season. ;) And while historically, I haven't been the biggest fan of shorts, those scalloped Gap ones are PRECIOUS! This post makes me want to go shopping. Which isn't the best idea.

  3. agreed on the old navy front -- i love the sailboat one.

  4. it's really funny b/c just earlier today i was thinking to myself, "i wonder what old navy had in stock right now" because i really need some affordable tops. and now i know! cute, cute, cute


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