We've had this amazing 80 degree weather this week. Already I feel a slower pace coming with the longer days. We have spent many moments in the hammock on our back porch, looking up at the fully in-bloom akebia vine. It's finally making its way across our pergola. We've been drinking lemon water, laying on blankets on the front lawn, and taking strolls around the neighborhood. I try and always savor these perfect days. Even today with no nap and quite a few tears, I felt eternally grateful. Matilda said the sweetest prayers at bedtime and I got in almost an hour of yoga (bliss), making me a happy mama. Learning to put a lot less pressure on myself and getting in a full night's sleep also helped tremendously!


  1. She's getting so big! Glad y'all are enjoying this gorgeous weather, too! Xo

  2. Aw, your pictures make me so excited for my little girl to come! Her smile is infectious!

  3. talk about bliss - that last photo personifies that word!! :) love it.


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