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Whenever I'm having a bit of a hard time I like to make gratitude lists. So, here goes:

-So thankful for a God who is loving and gracious.
-For a husband who runs out to get me mango sorbet when I've had a long day.
-A daughter that makes me feel like a queen (and not just because she calls me "Your Majesty" with no sarcasm), but because she is so loving and sweet and I get so excited every time I get to see her. I am in love with this girl. Three has been such a fun year. It is a joy to be her mother. Truly.
-For time with family. I've had the best moments with my family over the last couple of weeks and I'm so thankful for that. Yesterday I went to Piedmont Park with Matilda to meet up with Jake and Rachel and Willis and I just felt so blessed to have siblings that are my friends. People I want to hang out with. I love them so much.
-For parents that offer love, support, and advice. That take time out of their busy lives to be there for us at the drop of a hat. So thankful.
-For the best friends in the world.
-For popsicle weather, al fresco weather, park weather. Every day.
-For your comments that truly inspire and encourage me. Love hearing from you.


  1. You are truly blessed! Hope you have a fabulous day.


  2. This has inspired me to be more thankful :)

  3. just checking in and to say hi. I hope you are getting a nice recharge with this gorgeous weather. you look so cute and healthy!!! have a wonderful Easter weekend, Lesley!
    PS-I'm on a steady Jillian Michaels level two and I can barely lift my arms. I can NOT imagine Insanity!


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