recently pinned those insane looking popsicles from here.

Stop for a second and take in the fact that it is... May. This year is certainly flying by. I love this month in particular. It is just so darn pretty. When I was younger I was hell bent on getting married on May 16th, because I think it is the prettiest sounding day of the year. Is that your anniversary, lucky duck? It is also the birth month of my beloved, as well as host to lots of fun bbqs and soirees that we sometimes get invited to. I also happen to think that it is the month when the flowers look their best, before the wicked southern heat blasts them in to a brown oblivion. I have so many goals for this month, and please feel free to print out your own calendar here! I thought I would share just a few of mine:

  • Exercise! This morning I took Matilda and Guinness for a walk and it was so refreshing and peaceful. Mornings are where its at.
  • Blog more... this space has been neglected. I know this. I don't know that I'll get back to a five days a week routine, but certainly a couple of days a week.
  • Create. I'm working on a collection of beach bags, funky mixed prints and one-of-a-kind combinations. I like making unique bags that people can feel confident knowing that their bag is original.
  • Go on more adventures: explore new trails, go somewhere we've never been, get out and enjoy nature.

    Have any goals you'd like to inspire me with? There's power in putting them out in the universe...

    1. Exploring is on the list of must do's this summer, we have a goal of at least 3 new hikes each month this summer and fall :)

      Have fun on your summer adventures!

    2. Wow I love the color of your popsicles! Going to the beach together with my family is one of my favorite this summer. Its really enjoying! Are you also planning to go to the beach?

    3. I just repinned a bunch of your have some good ones. Lesley, I just want to thank you for all the "rebuilding your temple" posts you did last year. I recently had a health scare and I am now on that diet and I feel SO much better and healthier. If it wasnt for your blog I probably wouldnt have known about any of the resources you linked, so Im sending you a big hug from Massachusetts. Thank you thank you :)

      1. shauna- i am so so happy to hear that! you have no idea. thank you so much for the encouragement and i am so thankful that you feel better!


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