We woke up saturday morning and wanted to have a delicious breakfast out and I remembered driving past this cute little gas-station-turned-biscuit-restaurant. Sam was all about having a biscuit so we drove over by the mountain to the aptly named, Mountain Biscuits. When we pulled up there was this amazing breeze and the prettiest view of Kennesaw Mountain. Sometimes I feel like we take for granted having such an amazing national park so close by.

The menu had cinnamon rolls and other delights but we stuck to "building our own" biscuits. I laughed so hard when I instagrammed my biscuit and my friend Natty was like "You are SO pregnant*." Haha. I got mine with bacon and cheese and Sam got the sausage, both amazing and we sat outside on these cute picnic tables (there are a few tables inside as well) and the people working there were so friendly and there were clearly loads of regulars coming in and out with their weekend breakfasts. I kind of can't wait to go back.

** thank you all for the incredible congrats after my last post. we are thrilled!


  1. Ha! I'm glad you laughed -- I posted that comment and thought, oh, I hope that doesn't offend her!! You are my healthy inspiration, but it was refreshing to see you chowing down on a big bacon biscuit ;) heart you, lovely!!

  2. Yum! This looks amazing... doesn't help that any place that serves breakfast all day always wins my heart!

  3. awww wow! my parents live (and I grew up) so close to this place. i've never eaten there, but it used to be just an old abandoned building. it was a recording studio for a while, i think. maybe i'll have to get a biscuit when i visit in june!

  4. I love this place! I would give anything to be able to eat there again! Their cinnamon rolls are absolutely to die for! Stupid gluten intolerance. Haha


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