dress (no longer available)/ necklace (no longer available)/ sunglasses (similar)/ shoes/ sequin bag (similar)

This past weekend we went to our only wedding of the season. My cousin and his cutie fiance tied the knot. I bought this dress when I didn't know I was pregnant, for this wedding and held my breath when I tried it on. Thank heavens it still fit (barely). This necklace is a prized possession gifted to me by my sweet boss. It's made of vintage beading and has a satin tie. I love it. These shoes have been my go-to now that I've broken them in. They go with everything. I have also loved this sequin cross body for special occasions. It fits everything I need perfectly.

Because of a few hurt feelings I felt especially pregnant this weekend. I haven't felt all that hormonal until this past week. I wanted to cry about 1242385450 times and just felt really pissed. Ha! Hoping that tapers off for the sake of my sanity and my darling husband's.

So, all that to say ... I feel pregnant! I look pregnant, it's getting real. We are going to find out what this little bundle is a week from wednesday. I am dying to know.
Care to wager any guesses?

This is a fun video that I watched while I was getting ready!


  1. You look amazing! I can't wait to find out what that sweet little guy/gal will be like. Love you so much!


  2. a week from wednesday?! i'm marking it on my calendar. p.s. you're the cutest/prettiest/adorablest!

  3. i can't believe you're 18 weeks already! wow. time flies! you look so cute! :)

  4. So cute! Looking forward to seeing that belly in person next weekend.

  5. We enjoyed getting to spend time with You, Sam, Rachel & Jake at the wedding. What a nice party! You looked adorable! Can't wait to find out if it's sugar & spice or snakes & snails.

  6. You are too stinkin' adorable. I mean seriously? You kill me. :-)

    I have a hunch that your little bump is another baby girl. Can't wait to find out!


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