Happy Father's Day to the two fathers in my life. I love these guys. I have loved watching Sam turn into the father that he is over the past (almost four) years. He lights up Matilda's face with his crazy antics and fun projects. Just last weekend they were in the back yard making homemade volcanoes. I am so thankful that he is my partner in raising our children and such a support system for his family. Thank you Sam for making us feel so loved and secure. I've known my Daddy for a long time and it has been so much fun watching him take the next step into grandfatherdom. Matilda loves her Poppy. She literally squeals when she sees him. We feel so lucky to have him right around the corner for impromptu dinner dates and walks at the mountain. Thank you Dad for being such a good listener and for sending me encouraging emails when I need them the most. I am so thrilled that you and Sam are friends. You're the best! Hope you all have a great weekend celebrating the men in your life. We are hosting a cookout at our house with lots of great food and some fun drinks. I'm also gonna give Sam the best gift there is: sleep. Mother's day and Father's day are totally reserved for sleeping in. These photos were taken from our weekend at the lake.


  1. Great lake pictures!!!! So much fun!!!! So glad you Dad was able to do this for you!!!!

    Love You,



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