A few weeks ago I asked the lovely Camille Styles (founder and editor of the wildly popular lifestyle blog: if she would answer a few questions about how she has stayed so fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Girl looks like a million bucks. Here's what she had to say...

Camille: Even though I had the usual nervousness about gaining tons of weight during pregnancy, I can honestly say that I feel every bit as fit and healthy now at 7 months along as I did before I was pregnant! I definitely chalk it up to maintaining my usual healthy diet, and while I'm not doing overly strenuous workouts, I manage to squeeze in a session of moderate exercise every day. Here's what my usual eating and exercise regimen looks like on an average day:

Daily Menu:

Breakfast: greek yogurt with lots of berries, a sprinkle of walnuts and agave syrup.
Lunch: big salad with lots of veggies and lean protein, like this one (shown above).
Snack: cold watermelon sprinkled with sea salt.
Dinner: grilled artichoke, followed by a margherita pizza and roasted vegetables.
Dessert: I always crave something sweet (pregnant or not!) A scoop of ice cream with fresh peaches or rice pudding with strawberries are two of my faves.

For everyone who is dying to know how she is staying fit in all the right places, here are her secrets:

Camille: My husband and I go for a three-mile walk through our hilly neighborhood every single morning. Once a week, I got to a "prenatal fit" class that's a really challenging combination of yoga and crossfit-inspired strength & conditioning adapted for pregnant girls. Definitely keeps me feeling toned. I'm also really big on staying flexible, so I try to fit in a quality stretch session at least 3 times per week.

Camille Styles is the founder and editor of lifestyle blog, where she shares the creative entertaining ideas that inspire her parties and her life. Camille is also a regular lifestyle contributor to numerous national media publications and the host of HGTV’s soon-to-launch mobile party planning app. Her modern aesthetic and eye for detail come together to create parties that are simply chic and all about fun.

Thank you so much Camille!

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