I feel like we need to hit pause on this year, but regardless... hey June! This month I have a lot of goals, simply because I'm feeling more capable of accomplishing them. Here are a few for starters:

  • Go through all cabinets, closets, toys and purge. We're hoping to get a good collection going to have a garage sale so that we can buy a new crib. We borrowed a crib for Matilda, which was wonderful but we need a space saver this time.
  • Be able to wear my wedding rings all month. Silly, yes, but I really want to try to avoid swelling as much as possible. I made Sam read me these tips while I was falling asleep last night.
  • Kick my exercise routine into high gear. I'll be talking more about that on wednesday.
  • Try some new recipes. This month's Everyday Food is chock full of awesome ones and look... they're now on Pinterest. (You can check out my pins here)
  • Finish this book, which I'm really enjoying. I especially loved the chapter on the importance of setting goals. Clearly, I'm a fan.

    Have a super weekend! Download June's goal calendar here.

    image found here.


    1. I just had two of my students (4th grade) go through the new issue of every day food and tag what they thought sounded good -- they tagged every single recipe! Guess you and I will be having some yummy food this month :)

    2. I'm tempted to print out this goal sheet. The middle of the year rolls around and I forget what I wanted in the first place! Time to get on track!


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