Did you ever make these paper chains as a kid to countdown to something? We usually made them in anticipation of Christmas. Matilda helped me make this for our upcoming beach trip. She loves tearing off the chains each day as we get closer and closer. She was also able to help with this project with a little prep.

Make a Paper Chain Countdown

You will need:

  • 1" strips of colored construction paper, magazine pages, craft paper scrapbooking paper, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Permanent double-sided tape

    Cut 1" strips in the length of your choice. The size of the chain can be determined by where you tape it together. I turned construction paper horizontally and cut down. If you cut a bunch of strips in advance, smaller children can help you by handing you the strips or holding the chain as it grows! Attach the chains with the tape and repeat until you have desired amount of chains. We hung ours in our living room with 3m hooks so it can easily be taken down. Happy countdowning!

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    Starting next week I am going to be starting a weekly craft column with my summer assistant and collaborator, Mandy. I'm really excited about the project we're working on this week. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend!


    1. we made one of these a few weeks ago for olivia's birthday! same color and everything! ITs for olivia's birthday since she kept asking everyday if it was time for her party. We hung it on the wall above her bed! I did feel rather nostalgic as we made it:)

    2. This is AWESOME! What a clever way to help her plan for little sister's arrival. You guys are just the best! :-)


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