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Last weekend I had the total pleasure of attending a dinner party in honor of my dear friend Osayi's graduation (this smartie graduated with some serious honors - Excelsus Laureate NBD). She chose the totally cool Push Start Kitchen to host the event. I had never been to The Goat Farm so I was really looking forward to that as well. I have some friends that have their studios there, and I'd just never had the chance to make my way over.

The Goat Farm plays host to bands, special events, studio spaces, and Push Start Kitchen. The lovely Zach and Cristina host 10-18 people (depending on the type of dinner) out of their home. You can read more about this cute couple here. They moved to Atlanta after a restaurant venture in Cristina's native Tamarindo, Costa Rica went south with the economy. The way it works is you sign up for their mailing list, attempt to get in, and then they'll feed you if you make the limited cut. Similar but distinctly different from what my dear friends at Staplehouse are doing.

They greeted us with cordials and appetizers (see the amazing "gritsicles" above). They were kind enough to make me "mocktails" all night. Gems, I tell ya. The next few courses were so creative and full of flavor, with the salad being my favorite. Not pictured is the insane pork shoulder/belly plate which was so great. We finished the meal with the mouth-watering oats and custard with an after hoorah of these coconut truffles (best thing I've ever put in my mouth?) and moonshine. Yes, moonshine. I was so honored to be invited to such a special and intimate gathering and it was a joy celebrating my friend on her amazing accomplishment.
Thank you Osayi!

Have you ever been to a restaurant "speakeasy?"


  1. Sounds like the perfect evening! The food sounds amazing!

  2. so proud of Osayi. and that place looks unbelievable. i want to go!


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