These are some amazing recipes I want to attempt to make this weekend. I find that I can really relax and cook when Sam's home and these summer salads are calling my name! I love using Pinterest to store and save my recipes until I'm ready to try them.

  • 1. Smashed berry, lime, and coconut pops would be the perfect way to cool down after going to the pool, on a long walk, or just cause you feel like it.
  • 2. This farmers market skillet combines creamy quinoa (or kin-oh-a a la the Bachelorette), corn, tomatoes, and zuchinni. Yum!
  • 3. We are a family of pizza eaters and I have been dying to try this cauliflower crust pizza. It's everything you love about pizza without all of the heavy carbs.
  • 4. The number one recipe on my to-make list is this gorgeous grilled panzanella salad. I love the combination of grilled veggies, fresh herbs, crusty croutons, et al.

    Summer jams to listen to while you cook/eat/play:

  • Oh Land: Son of a Gun (thanks for the rec, e!)
  • Flight Facilities: I Crave You
  • M83: Midnight City
  • Lana Del Ray: Video Games (Revive remix)


    1. Yum! I'll have to try the cauliflower crust too! I make roasted cauliflower a lot and it tastes like French fries :) and Elle loves it!

    2. That cauliflower crust is now in my list too. My boyfriend love cauliflower, score! And that lat salad is so good! I made it for my sisters bridal shower last year and I added little chunks of fresh mozzarella, it was SO GOOD.

    3. I can't wait to hear how the cauliflower crust turns out! I've been seeing it around a lot. Isn't a panzanella, like the most prefect summer salad?! What time are we eating? Haha.


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