I've been journalling a lot lately. My mind has been racing so I've been trying to jot things down to keep from feeling overwhelmed. As I've been cleaning out Matilda's closet I've found a lot of my old journals and I'm realizing that writing has always been a part of my life. I have filled up countless journals with rambling thoughts, angst, dating woes, you name it. I started this diary as soon as I found out I was pregnant and this little book has been on quite a journey.

I took this picture today, you can barely see my feet. I can't believe/ I can totally believe that I am almost 24 weeks pregnant. Really wild if you ask me. I've been feeling a little blue but trying to remember all that I have to be thankful for. I'm sure it's hormones (nasty beasts). I keep waiting for some relief and it's just not coming. I mean I cried during the Bachelorette Finale (anyone?).

I wanna know how you deal with the blues? Are you a journaler too?

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  1. i'm also dealing with a lot of hormonal ups and downs these days. they seem to be getting worse as i get older! this is the first time in 9 years that i haven't been nursing or pregnant, and its been a lot for my body to adjust to. and frankly, it's been super hard for me to find balance (esp during pms!). i've actually been spending the last few nights reading through my old journals, too! and its been interesting to see that the same stuff i struggled with years ago, i am still struggling with today. all i know to do is pray (and pray and pray) for balance, for joy, for gratefulness, and to be thankful for the hard times because God is using them to make me a stronger person...
    praying for you today!!

  2. I boohooed during the Bachelorette finale! I chalk it up to the hormones though. Haha

  3. I recently found the journal I kept when I was pregnant with my first, and it gave me a good laugh. My 25-year-old self was full of trivial angst and woe. I hope you feel up again soon...

    1. To clarify, my angst was trivial. Pregnancy hormones/blues are real (nasty beasts, indeed).

  4. So comforting to read these words, and realize that we're all going through the same thing. I'm 21 wks pregnant, and am up/down, up/down, up/down. yikes :) I find that exercise, reading (NON-baby-related books!), and talking to good friends and my husband help... but still struggle. xo


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