shirt: marc by marc jacobs/ shorts: lululemon/ shoes: nike

Just so you all know that I don't take these style posts all too seriously, I wanted to show you an ensemble that Matilda was totally embarrassed by.

Matilda: Mama, are you gonna wear that?
Matilda: Mama, that's a sleep shirt.
Me: It's my exercise shirt.
Matilda: Are you gonna wear those shoes? Mama, those are not princess shoes.

HA. So funny. She recently is developing her own personal style and has definite ideas about what I should be wearing as well. At least she gives me credit that I don't dress like this often. Sometimes, in an effort of motivation I put on workout clothes first thing. Makes me feel sporty and it almost ensures that I will move a little bit.

I'm feeling better this week, mentally and physically. You can read about my break through (er break down) over at Knocked Up today. I'm starting to swell in my hands towards the end of the day and the veins in my hands get huge. It's kinda crazy. I forgot how much I treasure the snoogle towards this end of the pregnancy. We're having a love affair. Also, I think we're getting closer to choosing a name. Finally.

A very happy birthday to my brother Jake today!

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  1. Ha! That is so funny about Matilda. You are looking good, lady! xoxo

  2. You look great. I agree- if you put on workout clothes when you wake up, you are 85% more likely to actually workout!

  3. Happy bday, Jake! Debbie's was yesterday? So many Augusts in our families!

    Hilarious re: Matilda's opinions on your outfit. hahahahaha! Those are NOT princess shoes, indeed.

    It's hard to motivate oneself to work out. Lately I have to make myself do it. It's true that wearing workout clothes helps a lot.

    I'm terrified of how hot it's going to be in Georgia. I'll be there in less than 2 weeks, though!

  4. I have been really slacking in the exercise department lately. I think I may need to try that trick of putting on workout clothes first thing in the morning...perhaps tomorrow I will give it a try :)

    I just bought a snoogle yesterday and am totally in love. I can't wait to get in bed so I can use it again!


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