27 weeks! Here we are! Do I look tired, because I certainly feel it. Matilda wanted to be a part of the series this week. My two bumps. Love that girl. We had the best time yesterday at the Library. We got a card and checked out five books. Did you know you can check out fifty at a time?! Crazy, right? Who can possibly read 50 books in three weeks? Anyways, her favorite book by far is this one. It's so awesome. I got this dress at Target for $13 a while back and it's so comfy. I wear it all the time.

This video is really beautiful and inspiring. I've been thinking a lot about my own birth experience (you can read Matilda's birth story here) and I know it's a hot topic and I certainly am not judging any woman for their choices, I just want to have an experience like this. A birth that is unrestricted and natural. I've been looking into doulas and researching midwives and I would love to hear your thoughts if you've used either. I really like my doctor, but I'm researching my options. I feel like it's getting later and later and I just don't want to run out of time or have any regrets... You can read more about my thoughts on this over at my blog for Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine. I really appreciate your kind words and input. It means so much.

A very happy birthday to my oldest friend, Claire!

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  1. I loved my doula and midwife. My doula was the "happiest doula" and was amazing, I would recommend her in a heart beat. My midwife was Christy O'Reilly at Marietta OBGYN They actually rotate within the four midwives there. I also took a 6 week Hypnobabies course through Nicole King for a natural birth which was great and helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat. xo Ang

  2. I love my midwife! She has been super supportive and incredibly helpful. ( are also finishing up Intuitive Birth with Baby Steps which I highly recommend if you're hoping to have a natural birth. With all the research and talking about childbirth we've been doing, I feel super confident and excited about our first baby! I've also heard great things about Intown Midwifery - they do water births at Atlanta Medical Center.

  3. I've now had two birth center births with midwives, both amazing experiences! Obviously, laboring naturally is no piece of cake. I was in labor with my daughter for more than 30 hours (though this new little guy took it easy on me!), but truly, being able to move, use a jacuzzi, eat real food during labor, take your time, and push in whatever position you choose makes a HUGE difference, in terms of managing the pain. I always felt so respected and listened to with the midwives. One of the advantages I experienced, also, was a quick recovery. I felt great very quickly after the births, was able to leave in about 8 hrs, and never had to be separated from my babies. (Midwives tend to take a little extra care with your lady parts--warm compresses, only pushing when you feel your body needing to, etc.--too, so both times, I got away with no stitches. I know some people have concerns about too little medical intervention. I think it's important to develop a trusting relationship with your provider. I had a slight shoulder dystocia with my first, which can be serious, and after seeing the skill and professionalism with which they handled a potential emergency, I had no doubts that I wanted to birth with them again this time around. Natural birth isn't for everyone (and, if course, isn't possible for everyone), but I loved the experience and would definitely recommend midwives to anyone considering.

  4. The same midwife delivered all four of our littles ones, and we LOVE her! She's like part of the family now! I highly recommend it. We started out at Roswell OB/GYN, and then our midwife left there, so we followed her to Atlanta OB/GYN. Her name is Christine Jennings, if you are interested! Our first born was just barely under 10 pounds, and I feel confident a doctor would've suggested a section (nothing against that at all), but Christine worked with us, and we pushed for over 2 hours until Carter was born. I never felt worried that something would happen. It was just really sweet and personable time! Sidenote, I did not have a natural birth without drugs. I took everything they offered! I have negative pain tolerance ;)

  5. PS you look wonderful, just radiant! I especially love the picture where you are crouched down with Matilda, so sweet!

  6. i had a natural birth for both the girls, even after being induced. it was the most powerful amazing thing i have ever done in my life. i had a very supportive practice with encouraging doctors. when i had scarlett a midwife had joined the practice and she stuck with me during labor even after she should have been gone for the day.

    she is no longer with the practice i use, but i have her info if you'd like it - her name is Carson Basham.

    oh, and while i was pregnant with scarlett, i used the birthing ball to sit on during the day and when it came time to labor it was fabulous. you will do great!

  7. I have done natural birth twice, AMAZING.. Please consider Ina May's guide to childbirth, a simply empowering amazing book!

  8. Hi, I just found your blog off Pinterest and was initially really intrigued by your post about gaining 55 lbs with your first and hoping to do better with your second. It stuck a cord with me because I had a very similar experience. I gained 41 lbs with my first (eating LOTS of sugar) and she was 9 pounds at birth, with my next I ate so much healthier and I was able to gain only 32lbs and my next baby was smaller: 8 pounds 4 oz.
    So I went on to read your birth story with your first, and looked through a bit more, and came to this post.
    I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that you can do it! I had to be induced with my first (I went to 42 weeks without going into labor) and ended in a c-section due to my daughter being in a bad position (her head was titled in a way that she wouldn't fit). I was a nervous wreck through my next pregnancy, hoping with all of my heart for a natural birth. My second daughter was just born seven weeks ago via VBAC at home.
    I found my pictocin free labor to be awesome compared to my induction. In fact I was shocked when I was told I was fully dilated, because I never felt anything as strong as I did during my induction, in which I got an epidural at 5cm.
    I relate to your blog because I can see you researching a lot, and that's exactly what I did too through my pregnancy. I learned so much this time around!
    I agree that Ina May's books are wonderful -- my favorite pregnancy read.
    I used hypnobabies, it helped me a TON with my anxiety and I think it played a large role in my quick (6 hours) and vary tolerable labor.
    I also think its HUGE to find a provider who's philosophy is the same as yours, way better than a birth plan, because you both are just working towards the same goal.
    I also saw a chiropractor during my pregnancy and that made a huge difference, and I also think that was a big part of my fast and pretty comfortable labor and delivery.
    I collected all the stuff I learned in blog posts top try and help any one I could have a better experience. If you are interested you can see them listed out here:
    I wrote about hypnobabies more in depth and chiropractic care and getting the baby to engage which helped me go into labor on my own this time.
    And my birth story is here if you are interested:
    I'm praying all the best for you this time!


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