Y'all, I feel like a real woman. These curves could take someone out right now. I read that the baby is going through a major growth spurt... unfortunately so is my nose. I can tell that ye old pregnancy nose (swelling in the nose caused by pregnancy hormones) is comin' back. I'm having a bit of trouble breathing and some acid reflux. Sweet! Complaints aside, I feel great. I mean I totally do, which I'm thankful for. Don't get me wrong, I'm exhausted but I don't have the swollen extremities and numb feet like I did with Til. Score. I really need to start getting some exercise. Part of the prob is that I sit to do the majority of my work these days and it leaves me feeling lethargic. Must move. Must move.

I've been watching this dress and it finally went on sale (in stores only). I think the colors are so awesome and I love the idea of wearing it with a structured jacket in the fall. Right? I've also broken out the flip flops. Might as well take advantage while it's still warm. We have been so blessed with the weather. The temps have been surprisingly tolerable for August in the south. So thankful. Also, I'm digging wearing some oversized glasses these days (maybe it minimizes the growing honker?).

I'm continuing the conversation of getting organized over at Knocked Up today. I always love hearing from you guys. Totally makes my day and makes me feel more normal that some of you have similar issues/goals. You're all awesome.

ps today is Matilda's first day of school. please say a prayer for both of us!

dress // glasses c/o BonLook

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  1. Absolutely lovely! Wish we had Target this side of the pond :)

  2. Cute dress! If your having trouble breathing at night, those breath right nasal strips are great :)

  3. You look adorable and those big ol' glasses are totally you!

  4. I totally hear you on the working sitting down making you lethargic thing... That's really been stunting my prego workouts as of late.

  5. you are so adorable. love the glasses.

    i totally tried on that dress the other day at target, despite me most definitely not being pregnant. it's so cute!

    saying a little prayer for you & matilda!

  6. you look BEAUTIFUL!!! those colors look especially good on you.

    so as a FTM, i have nothing to compare it to but i have those swollen extremities you speak of and lately i feel like I have a pill stuck in my throat which I read is part of the acid reflux. (I can't really complain... these didn't start showing up til 36 weeks which is where I'm at currently). My pelvic bone? oh man, I feel like an old lady getting out of bed and my belly has gotten so heavy, sitting/laying is uncomfortable.

    all for our babes ;) so worth it!!!

    ps. i hope Matilda has a wonderful first day back!!! Prayer said. xo

    1. oh girl, you are so close! sorry you are uncomfortable. i probably shouldn't have said that i didn't have the swelling. i might jinx myself. it is all so totally worth it, it's just hard to remember that sometimes. today when i was at the doctor's office, i sat there and stared at the baby wall and got real excited. can't wait to see your little babe!

  7. thank you all for your incredibly sweet (and generous) comments!

  8. You are hilarious and such a cute prego! The dress looks lovely on you. Aww I hope your little one enjoys school!

    - Sarah

  9. You look awesome and I LOVE that dress too. I remember that pregnancy nose and not being able to breathe too. I swear mine doubled in size! HAHA :)


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