So, they call this the home stretch and here I am. I made Sam tell me yesterday that I wouldn't be pregnant forever. I'm just getting a taste of that last trimester fatigue. I've been indulging in cat naps and watching a few more movies than normal with my little lady. This dark and gloomy weather certainly isn't helping. We're praying for our friends and extended family on the gulf coast. These storms have been so intense and it's really hard on Sam to not be in his hometown during times like this. He always wants to help and look after his people, so that's hard.

We've been pedal to the metal around here and I'm trying to stay motivated. I really don't want to whine and complain because a) that's annoying and b) I'm so blessed to be growing a life inside me. It's like the coolest thing ever, I'm just not sure that I can be real happy go lucky all the time right now. It's hard. Just is. Just sayin'. On a positive note... Matilda is loving preschool (thank you all for the kind words of encouragement). I love picking her up and seeing a big smile on her face, the art work that will be coming home soon, and special notes from her teachers. It's such good stuff. I wrote about all of the changes happening right now over on Knocked Up if you want to read more.

skirt: anthropologie/ tee: target/ heels: frye/ earrings: f21

ps My sister makes fun of how I stand in these pictures. I don't know what to do with my hands and that giant belly?
pps Sam loathes these shoots because I'm hyper critical and can't be pleased. HA!

and in case you missed it...

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    1. My youngest just told me you look like Julia Roberts!

      1. please give her a BIG kiss for me!!

    2. Hi!! I'm due in November and have just found your blog, looking forward to sharing our stories of the final countdown.
      Here's my blog anyway,


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