Matilda had her very first day of preschool yesterday. Orientation went so smoothly that I hadn't even really worried about leaving her. We started the morning with a special card that Sam and I read to her, then... she got really whiney. These days we're kind of coasting along and usually the mornings are really happy, so I should have taken that as a notsogreat sign. Maybe she was nervous? I can certainly relate to that.

We got to school and instead of bringing her through the carpool (frightening in general), I decided to walk her in like I saw some of the other moms doing. She wanted to hold my hand and then she stopped dead in her tracks outside her classroom and burst into tears. It was awful. Coupled with the fact that I had my glucose test and was on a serious timeline, I passed her to her teacher and left.

I sat in the waiting room and just sighed repeatedly. The appointment was fine and then I went home to work for a little bit. I also squeezed in a comforting phone call with a friend who had had virtually the same morning. Friends are great medicine, aren't they? Then I headed for round two, sat in the carpool, and was beyond excited to see Til's sweet face waiting for me. She got in the car and was so quiet. I couldn't really drag anything out of her and she said she would tell me about it "tomorrow." Praying that everything will be great and that she'll grow to love it!

Hope y'all have a happy weekend and just in cased you missed it this week:

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  • 28 weeks and counting!

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    1. Oh Les, this is too sweet. My heart aches for that little peanut and for you. I know this is a bittersweet thing, and unfortunately I can't offer much expertise. But know that I love you, that I think about you often, and that I'm praying for you always.


    2. Sweet little munchkin, probably a mix of emotions she can't understand so she cried :( I'm sure she'll grow to love it.

    3. Hang in there. It is so tough. I remember handing one of my girls to the teacher on her first day. Agony to watch her kicking and screaming for me. But it'll get easier-with maybe a sprinkling of repeat freak-outs here and there:)
      You have a lot of change going on. Be gentle on your soul:)

      1. PS-I drop my youngest daughter (3 years old) off at her first day of preschool in a couple weeks. She seems the most ready out of all of them-but can also have the biggest shake-down/breakdown! I'll keep you posted!

    4. Advice from a teacher- as much as it hurt you, you actually did the right thing by taking her to her teacher and leaving. It will allow her to seek comfort in and build a relationship with her teacher. Many times when I see parents hang around the tears don't stop. I'm sure she will love it soon enough! Stay strong mama :)

    5. Precious girl! Trust me, it gets easier and when you have that baby you will LOVE drop off!!! Coming from a mom of three I know!!!!

    6. Matilda looks so grown up! Tickled to see that Rosey doll accompanied her for the first day of school!


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