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Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done before our baby makes her grand entrance. For me, lists are where it's at. I created this list for me (and hopefully YOU) to stay on track. The list will also serve as a guide for this series over the next 12 weeks. Each week I'll be focusing on a different check point.

For this week's focus I am concentrating on organizing. With writing jobs and projects, preschool starting, getting ready for vacation (!) and everyday life, I find myself a little scattered these days (and so thankful for all of it). Something I've been trying to do to clear my mind is to purge. I have a huge pile of garage sale/ donation candidates sitting in my office (and driving me a bit nutty). With another being living in our tiny bungalow, I wanted to make as much room as possible. The girls are going to have to share a closet and right now there is no room for anything other than Matilda's clothes.

A few things I'm doing to stay on top of the clutter:

  • Don't use it? See ya. Simple and clean cut philosophy. I can be sentimental so I struggle with this one.
  • I'm going through each closet, pantry, drawer and cleaning them out.
  • I'm organizing clothing by size and making piles for now.
  • Some of my list items include: (in addition to the above) getting wires up and out of sight, repairing anything that needs to be repaired, weeding the garden and planting bulbs, getting a cleaning system in place (more later), paint touch ups, hanging pictures, light in hall hung, and finally having a garage sale to get it all out of the house.

    How do you handle getting organized? Are you a list maker? Also, tips of cutting down clutter in a small house?

    Next week I'm going to be sharing my baby essentials list and a guide to registering.

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    1. Love this! I have 11weeks as of yesterday, so this is perfect!

    2. I'm struggling with this too, and I don't have a baby on the way. :) I just have too much stuff in my house! My sentimentality has waned over the years (cross country moves will do it to you), but the idea of taking all the time to go through everything and purge is daunting. And yet I know it will feel oh so good. My closet alone could seriously benefit from a massive purge--I probably wear about 1/8 of what's in there.

      Keep us posted on your progress! Love you :)

      1. let's purge together. i am so ready! remember when i used to come and organize and clean your room? it's so much easier for me to do it for other people... sigh.

    3. Hi! Newish reader here and I totally resonated with today's post! I am definitely a list maker! When we found out we were pregnant with our first baby I started a before bébé list which included small things like - organize spice rack, hang paintings in entry to Large things like decorate nursery, deep clean the house, etc. Making a bit of progress, but still have a lot to do in my last 20 weeks!

      1. hey girl! congrats on the bebe. i like any gal that loves a good to-do list. here's to checking things off!

    4. I struggle with the sentimental aspect of letting things go - but then I take a step back and ask - When is the last time I used/worn this and does it serve a purpose now?

      Lists are my thing, I love making lists for big projects or for parties- it helps me fell less overwhelmed and I love crossing off all those "to do's"


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