Registering for your first baby can be overwhelming (where to even start?!) and this is just the tip of the registry iceberg. Instead of focusing on bedding, cribs, car seats, and strollers (you need all of those by the way!), I wanted to share some of our favorite things that we used (and still use) all of the time. I broke things up into categories and would love to hear some of your favorite things that I may have missed. Just remember that what works for one person, may not work for another and go with your gut. Also, make sure to register for an array of books. People love to give them (and I love getting them!). I ended up putting together a small registry here after a few sweet friends asked. Feel free to check it out if you're interested in what your needs are for subsequent wee ones.

  • Baby booties - these are organic and so soft. I plan on using these instead of socks.
  • BlaBla dolls - these are hands down my favorite lovies. Each doll has so much personality and I'm friends with the lovely owners. Love BlaBla!
  • Born Free pacis - these are BPA free and hold up really well.
  • Haba pacifier clip - these wooden clips hold up so well and we used this everyday.
  • Tea Explorer set - I love snap tops and pants for the first few months. Tea collection is always one of my go-tos.
  • Sophie the giraffe - these days you are hard pressed to find a baby who isn't chewing on this french giraffe. The thing is, she really lives up to the hype. Babies love her!
  • Toy tether - I wish I had known about these earlier. I already ordered this for baby Graham and it is so cute and well made.
  • I'll See You in the Morning - we must have read this book a thousand times. It's the dearest thing and I give it to all new moms.
  • Aden and Anais swaddling blankets - we swaddled Matilda until she was like 8 months old. Everyone swears by these muslin ones, so I bought them in this sweet star print.

  • Born Free glass bottles - we used Born Free with Matilda and loved them. These glass bottles are really awesome.
  • Medela Metro Pump - a good pump is a wonderful thing to have. I used this when I went back to work after I had Matilda. It's also wonderful to have to make extra bottles for night time feedings where Dad can help.
  • Skip Hop Animal Plates + Bowls - these are the cutest and we still use ours today. They hold up really well.
  • Lion bundle of burpies - I love a good, absorbant burp cloth and these are adorable.
  • 201 Organic Baby Purees - this book is an incredible resource for introducing healthy food to your baby.
  • Baeba First Spoons - I love these spoons. My best friend had these and I always wanted to steal them!
  • Wean Bean 4 ox glass cubes - these will make for perfect baby food vessels. Love the colors!

  • Bum Genius All in One Snaps - these are one of my favorite types of cloth diapers. You will need a minimum of 12.
  • Flannel wipes - These wipes are so soft and can fit in a wipe warmer. They can be washed with the cloth diapers.
  • Buttpaste - all-natural diaper cream and it totally works!
  • Seventh Generation Newborn diapers - these diapers are amazing for the first few weeks before cloth diapers really fit. If you aren't going the cloth route, these are a great choice.
  • Wet bag - these waterproof bags are amazing for storing dirty diapers on the go and also work great later on as a place for wet swimsuits. Love this print!
  • Biodegradable GWipes - these soft wipes are perfect for when you're out and about and for cleaning up messy faces.


  • Moby bath spout cover - we have used and loved this bath spout cover since Matilda was about 8 months old. This is one of my favorite shower gifts to give.
  • Everyday Shea body wash, detangler, and lotion - I love, love these products. They are really affordable, fair trade, and have only natural ingredients. They smell great, too!
  • Aden and Anais washcloth set - these muslin washcloths are super soft, perfect for delicate skin and beyond.
  • Octopus Ring Toss - bath time fun! We have all had such good times with this toy. When you pour water down the top it comes out of the tentacles. The ring toss will come later and is hilarious!
  • Boon Creatures - these make me happy. I've found that toys like this seem to have more longevity.
  • Puj tub - The design of this tub is so simple and brilliant.
  • Dwell Studio Hooded Towel - this hooded towel is one of my faves. I love that it's slightly larger, meaning it will last beyond the first year. Think slightly longer term that just baby, baby.

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    1. seriously awesome list of stuff!!!! you gave me some of the nicest gifts when I had olivia, I'll never forget! Such good taste:) I hope you get everything on your wishlist!

      1. you are the best! so glad that you liked your gifts for sweet olivia. miss you!

    2. Such a great list! It really can be so overwhelming creating a registry for your first. I spent so much time researching baby products and have found fellow mommy bloggers have been the best resource. I have some of these things on my registry already, including that toy tether in the striped fabric (which I noticed was sold recently...and now I know who to blame for stealing it from me!...hehe)

      1. i would convo her! jenny is the sweetest and she may have some more of that fabric...

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