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We have so few photos of the three of us, so I really wanted to share this picture that Kate snapped as we were leaving for our date. Here I am wearing this ensemble only with heels to spice things up a little bit.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Here are some links that I thought were pretty awesome + a few you may have missed here:

  • An adorable nursery + you could win a flor rug!
  • I pinned this really cute pirate doll tutorial.
  • I love this striped tray.
  • A beautiful mood board for an adult-friendly playroom.
  • I got mixed reactions to this post I wrote for Pregnancy and Newborn. Feel free to weigh in!
  • Some pretty deep thoughts.
  • Our new favorite green smoothie.
  • Sugar + pregnancy.
  • 26 weeks (a date night outfit)

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    1. I just read that post and I liked it! It's honest. I also have loved Jessica forever and I loved her even more when she was pregnant. I love that she loves her self and didn't let the spot lit or people's unnessissary opinions get in the way. I gained 35 lbs the first time I was pregnant and I plan on keeping myself much more in check the next time. I don't want to take as long to bounce back as I did the first time. My husband and I took up running and racing in may so I feel like I will have a better base to start with this time around. I really enjoy ur blog. Thanks!

      1. thanks so much for reading it toria and i'm with you, love me some jsims. i need to take up running! you'll be so glad you're in great shape. have a great weekend toria!!

    2. what a cute little family!! i love your husband's outfit. very dapper. :)

      1. thanks lora! i'll be sure to tell sam. he'll love that!


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