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Lately I've been struggling a bit to maintain my vigor for health and fitness. Four helpings of sinful oreo dessert over the span of two days? Check. I've been a little out of control. Those days are over (I think). I made Sam dispose of the remaining dessert and I got my butt in gear. I forgot how much I love making goals. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't hold myself to my same Type A standards. ;) So, I created a weekly goal print-out (for me + you!).

Here are some current goals of mine:

  • Start the day with God (love this book) not with checking my email. With my hormones and anxiety a bit out of control, this is one of the only things that makes me feel calm (that and family snuggles).
  • Walk every day. I try and walk at least a mile.
  • Make healthy choices every day.
  • Limit sweet treats to 1-2 times per week (NOT everyday).
  • Work hard on separating work from family time.
  • Schedule in friend time. I'm at a serious deficit of grownup lady time. Oh how I miss wine + girl talk.

    Here are some other ways to use this print-out:

  • Use it to make a weekly menu (bonus: check out my eMeals giveaway to make that even easier)
  • Track your daily exercise. Yoga? Check. Walking? Check. Aerobic fitness? Check.
  • Do something nice each day. Make a note of what and for whom!
  • Track your internet usage. Are you overdoing it? Check and see.
  • Make a note of your daily calorie intake and then weigh yourself at the end of each week.
  • Getting ready for baby checklist.

    How will you use it? What are your goals?

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    1. Hi Lesley,

      I just found your blog and spent a long time reading through it. It seems like perfect timing. I am 15 weeks right now and just coming out of the horrid first trimester illness/ tiredness. Still having a number of aversions to food and also just read the Skinny Bitch pregnancy book on food which is not helping!! I love the look of all of your recipes and how you are trying to be so healthy during your pregnancy. I am definitely going to be following along and trying out some of your delish looking food. Love the style posts too!!

      1. thank you SO much catherine! such a nice thing to read this morning. congrats on your pregnancy!! i had some serious aversions too. they finally subsided around 19-20 weeks and now i'm hungry all the time. ;)

    2. this is amazing. i am really enjoying your blog. thank you so much for sharing. you always have wonderful ideas. looking forward to referring to all of these during my next pregnancy!!

      1. aw this must be "make lesley feel good day!" thanks so, so much toria! you guys are the bomb.

    3. Love it! My printer isn't working but I'll have to print that out when I get it back in gear. I basically make to do lists every day. I have to keep lists cause I have like 3 different jobs and am always SO busy. I struggle with too much computer time, for sure, but it's tough cause I need it for work pretty much all day.

      Often I just HAVE to give into sweets. I try to pick a low-calorie or otherwise not-awful one, but I have such a sweet tooth that if I deny myself, I just obsess about it.

      love you!

      1. girl, i feel ya! i've got about 10 balls in the air each day. i love lists! something i've found with the sweets that really helps is just keeping a bar of really dark chocolate on hand. just a little bite usually does the trick.

        love you too!

    4. Hi Lesley! I'm 16 weeks into my first pregnancy and I just stumbled across your blog. I liked what I was reading and laughed out loud at some of what you wrote that so closely mirrored my own life/thoughts. Then I came across your faith section...thank you Lesley:) Thank you for writing to encourage other believers and to remind us all what it's really all about! For anyone who doesn't want to read about your faith...well there are countless superficial/empty blogs on pregnancy out there and I'm sure they could find something else. Your blogs...well that's the good stuff and I wish there were more like it! Thanks again Lesley for sharing what truly defines you! God bless!

    5. I am definitely going to be following along and trying out some of your delish looking food. Love the style posts too!!


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