We just got in from a long weekend at the lake celebrating my sister's birthday. These are some instagram shots from all different perspectives. Rachel had two of her lovely friends come up with us, which was so fun. Overall we had a total of 8 humans and 4 canines. That bottom picture with the pups cracks me up. The weather was so un-August like. There was this incredible breeze, the water was cool, and the air felt different. We made s'mores (and s'more brownies - good grief) and did a lot of grilling and swimming. I even managed to get in a nap. We played bananagrams (my new favorite) and enjoyed the company and relished in how lucky we are to be a part of Rachel's life. She is quite simply, the best.
top photos: @brittanynicolegrace, @lesleywgraham, @rachelkw/
bottom photos: @aedavison, @lesleywgraham, @rachelkw

We used the Breeze all weekend and it was such a luxury. Seriously. If you want to pre-order your own, here's the link. Drumroll for the winner...and the winner of the Breeze is Lisa Long. congrats!

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  1. I love the doggie picture!!!! How lucky to get one with each dog looking through a different window. Looks like you had a great time! Happy Birthday Rachel!!! Your card went in the mail last night. Sorry it will be a little late.
    Love you guys!

  2. Love the pic of the dogs!! Congrats to Lisa on the Breeze...I am officially jealous :)

  3. I miss lakes. We're a few hours from Lake Tahoe, but we don't get there NEARLY enough. I need to prioritize more weekend getaways. Matilda looked adorable in all your pics on instagram. And happiest birthday to Rachel--glad she had such a lovely birthday!

  4. Hello lesley! I nominated you for the Liebster Award because your blog is wonderful and I really enjoy your posts. :-) You can check out your nomination here! :-) Have a great day! Oh and by the way, I am your newest follower!
    xoxo Ida


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