We're making a concerted effort to have a dedicated family day on Sundays. A day where we let our mounds of to-dos and projects slide. A time to focus on reconnecting and making memories. Yesterday we relished in the fall-like weather and went for a stroll on one of our favorite trails. Matilda picked up things for her "collection" and we slipped away, away from the world and all of its complications. We spent time with our Creator and His creations. It felt so good to just walk. That baby deer was the icing on the cake.

Sometimes it's important to remember what really matters. Don't you think?
What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with the people you love the most?

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  1. Beautiful picture. I love going on day trips with my husband. Saturday we went to Calais in France. Yesterday we spent the afternoon on the couch. It was pure bliss. :)

  2. thanks jo! i would take either option happily!


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