Matilda and me on a boat. I felt so alive and happy.

This post is a little heavier than normal, but I've had a lot on my mind. I've been thinking a lot about my voice and what this blog really means. I believe that we all have something to share and bring to others and I want everything in my life to be authentic and truthful. Sometimes I like to write about cute clothes and sometimes I like to share recipes and sometimes I just want to keep things real. I hope that you'll indulge me.

God has been speaking to me so much recently. I've been feeling critical and angry towards a lot of people in my life. He repeatedly is speaking love into my heart for people who've hurt me or who I don't understand. I think that often I want control. I want to "fix" people when really I'm the one who needs fixing. I'm working really hard to cast my judgements aside and to forgive because life is way too precious and short to hold anger in our hearts.

I long to live a life of goodness, that brings other to Christ, that is an example for my children. Really, I am the one learning so much from Matilda. In the car I often find myself saying things like, "Ugh, could they drive any slower?" and Matilda will say, "Mama, they didn't mean to." That childlike heart is what I want more of, that innocence that believes in the good in other people. As we walked into church this morning she looked at me and said, "Jesus loves me." She had such simple faith and conviction that this was so. It brought tears to my eyes and still does. I've done a lot of crying the last few days. May we always appreciate life and what we have to offer.

I want to dedicate this post to a dear friend that lost her battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last week. She was only 24 and one of the most beautiful people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I can only pray for peace for those who are mourning for a life cut too short. I'll always have the most precious memories of her wild hair, a smile that lit up the room, and her moccasined feet. She spent the summer soaking up every bit of life with those closest to her alongside her adorable dog, Jane. May God bless and comfort her friends and family always.

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  1. your heart is so beautiful, lesley. :)

  2. I so appreciated this post today! thank you for sharing.

  3. This is the most beautiful post you have ever written! Children really do teach us a ton.

  4. I love this reminder. Love it. I had a road rage moment with my littles just last week. Yuck. So silly and so not important. We are nearing the end of our summer together, and I find myself wondering if I made the most of our time at home together. Some days probably not, and it makes me sad. And what a precious picture of you with sweet Matilda. You look radiant! Jesus does love us, doesn't He? He sees ALL of us and loves us anyway! Thank goodness! Sometimes, it takes our little ones with their childlike faith to remind us of the bigger, much bigger picture!

  5. Love this post and your honesty. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us-and we have to listen to that sometimes-whisper. There are times where I shoe away His voice only to realize that He knew best at that moment. And I'm filled with regret or guilt.
    I think He gives us children to back up His voice:) What a gift!

    1. PS-what a special photo! And you look so pretty!

  6. love you and love this sweet photo.

  7. Motherhood is one of the greatest joys and has certainly brought out the best in me! Jesus knew what he was talking about when he told us to "become like little children" in Matthew 18: 2-4. Love the photo of you and Matilda.

    My prayers are with you and your friends family. It's always heartbreaking when life is lost at a young age.

  8. Love you so much boo boo.


  9. Thank you for writing this piece. Loved it! :)

  10. Thank you Leslie for your sincere thoughts. I admire you and your wonderful family. Xo


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