• Bringing Up Bébé - an eye opening look at the different styles of parenting between the french and americans. French babies tend to sleep through the night faster, not throw tantrums, allow adults to have a conversation, they're polite little creatures. I'm really enjoying it and picking up quite a few tips. Wish I had had this when Matilda was a wee babe. It's fascinating.
  • The Forever War - Sam loves post apocalyptic novels with aliens, etc. I really just wanted to know what he was reading right now, 'cause I like him and I think its cute that this is his genre. I like self help, he likes aliens and zombies. Go figure.
  • Cherry the Pig - most of my favorite books to read Matilda are my childhood favorites. There is always the sweetest, most nostalgic feeling that comes with sharing something I loved as a child with her now. This book is an exception. I bought this for Matilda when I was pregnant with her and it has been one of the most requested night time stories. The illustrations are so sweet and the story follows Cherry as she opens her own bakery. It's so great.

    Hope you've had a good week and that you've got some fun things planned for the weekend. It's my Mama's birthday! We're taking her out tonight to a place I've been dying to try. We are also going to try and tackle a few projects...

    Oh, and in case you missed them:
  • I've been doing a little online browsing. Here's my wish list.
  • My new favorite breakfast - oh and the winner is... Maria Pinkelton!
  • Doing a little goal setting + a free weekly goal printout!
  • Stylin' and profilin' at 25 weeks.
  • You can still save 15% off of eMeals with the code STRESSFREE until 8/16.

    What are you reading these days?

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    1. Lesley,

      I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Bringing up Bebe. I'm expecting my first child in December, and this book addressed many of the issues I want to avoid in raising our son (picky eating, whining, materialism, etc.). While I can't say I feel ready for parenthood, I do feel more equipped after reading this book.


    2. i don't even have a child and i want to read "bringing up bebe" - i've heard so much about it so would love to know your thoughts when you're done. hope you have a great weekend! xo

      1. I don't have any children either but was so intrigued by this book after reading leslies post it was quickly uploaded to my Kindle - I love it! I am about half way through the book, so far it is so interesting, definitely reccommend even if you aren't expecting!

    3. Happy birthday Debbie! I always get confused about whether hers is the day before or after Jake's. :) So many August bdays!

      1. I'll tell her! I still get confused too. Ha. Can't wait to see you soon!!

    4. Lesley, Thanks so much. I am really excited about the meals.

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