Here's a real confession. As much as I love clothes and online browsing, I rarely actually pull the trigger. I find myself overwhelmed by choices and short on shopping time. Also, you will pretty much NEVER see me at the mall. I just don't find the idea of cruising the crowded halls with a little kid to be fun. Call me crazy! What I do love are these new subscription services that are all the rage these days. Have you heard of Wittlebee?
Each month a Wittlebee stylist puts together a package of handpicked clothing for your little one. They take in to account your style and preferences and each package contains over $100 worth of merchandise. The total cost of membership is only $39.99 a month! In this month's box we received 2 pairs of leggings, a really cute tee, polka dot tank dress, gorgeous top, and a sequined tutu (Matilda's favorite). I love that I found out about some really awesome brands I hadn't heard of. I am totally crushing on Trish Scully. Isn't that top incredible?
I also love that they have packages for ages newborn through 6. So simple and fun!

  • Read more about Wittlebee here.
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    1. Now that's being a good mama: signing Matilda up for monthly clothing and not yourself!

      I hate indoor malls (we hardly have them here), but I do like outdoor malls (which are plentiful here). I have hardly been shopping for clothes lately, partly due to pinching pennies and partly due to my unfortunate muffin top (which makes me not want to shop). I basically never order clothes online b/c I have no idea how they will fit!

    2. This is SUCH a great idea. Malls give me anxiety attacks, seriously. I avoid them at all costs with the exception of some of the outdoor ones. Gonna check out the options for boys from Wittlebee! Genuis idea..


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