This sweet little baby is going to be here so soon. Only sevenish more weeks to go. I told Sam the other day that I just wanted to lie on the bed until she gets here. Ha. Super fat chance. I don't really mean it either, but I do love lying down and watching her move around in my belly and dreaming of what she looks like. On the major plus side, I feel so much better towards the end of this pregnancy than I did with little M. My feet haven't swollen, I can still wear my rings, and I've got a bit of energy until about 6 and then it's a bit of a downward slope.

As much as I want to wear really cute fall clothes, jersey dresses and ballet flats are what feels good. My hair is going to get stuck like this. In an effort to feel cute I went and tried on some really amazing wedge booties. You should have seen me a: trying to get them on and b: trying to not fall once they were on. Super glamorous, I tell ya. Soon, soon. I'm dreaming of this perfect post-babe outfit: skinny jeans, striped sweater, and a new pair of boots...

the winner of the bonlook giveaway is dejah! please email me so i can get you your credit.

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  1. Sweet pics, looking forward to meeting the new little angel.

  2. Aw, how sweet! It won't be long before you're chasing that sweet baby around in those super cute boots, skinny jeans, and a striped sweater. :)

  3. You look SO YOUNG in that first picture. I am jealous.

    All these are so pretty & I can't wait till she gets here. Also, I need an update on the whole name thing!!!!

  4. oh my goodness! what beautiful photos! that first one is just gorgeous. you are such a natural beauty, lesley! :)

  5. so, so pretty. i can't believe there's only seven weeks to go! thinking about you...

  6. Like the black and white pics. Look very sharp! Gallery worthy


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