On tuesday we had my immediate family over for a pizza party to celebrate Matilda's 4th birthday. She picked out her fabulous birthday girl attire. Those strawberry cupcakes were also her pick and we had so much fun making them together. I have to say that this birthday was my favorite yet. She actually cared about her birthday and was so excited to wear her birthday crown and open her presents. She was so pumped (smiling ear to ear) when she opened the My Little Pony castle that we got her. It was amazing! I seriously can't believe that she's four. The next morning she came in our room and in the saddest voice said, "the party is over..." I feel her on that one.

Some fun things I spotted this week around the web:
  • An elephant bag made from a dish glove over at Handmade Charlotte.
  • I'm in the market for new sheets and these from Schoolhouse Electric are pretty perfect.
  • I've been reading Blog, Inc by Joy Cho of Oh Joy and really loving it. It's great for beginner bloggers especially.
  • I'm pretty sure this desktop wallpaper is talking to me.
  • Simple and really cute jewelry knobs spotted on You are My Fave.

    And a few things you may have missed here:
  • Beach trip recap + our favorite spots on 30A.
  • Matilda turned f-o-u-r!
  • Talking about vaccines...
  • 32 weeks + a giveaway from BonLook!

    Have a great weekend and because I feel like I don't say it enough... thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support and for taking the time to comment. It makes my day. Truly. Sometimes the life of a work from home mama can feel a little isolating and you guys cheer me right up!

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    1. Love the pic of her looking at the candles, so sweet! Looks like a nice time, I will call you soon :)

    2. This is so sweet! And those strawberry cupcakes look divine.

    3. Joyeux anniversaire Matilda !
      Pictures are great, as always !

    4. So precious!

      That elephant purse is hilarious!

    5. Loving the birthday girl's outfit of choice ;) and those cupcakes look heavenly!

    6. So much to say on this one! But basically the conclusion is that your whole family is so beautiful.

      LOVE that pic of Rach & Jake with the birthday girl! Adorable, and I love Rachel's dress.

      Mike is so dang handsome. Seriously. He's like George Clooney--gets handsomer with age.

      Debbie is beautiful as always.

      Your belly!!! I love it! You look so cute and stylish (I imagine if I am ever pregnant, I will wear yoga pants and oversized t-shirts all day every day), and Matilda's outfit is perfect. So glad I got to talk to her on her big day.

      Love you! Maybe we can chat this weekend.

    7. Your pictures are wonderful!!!! The Strawberry cupcakes look beautiful and good. So glad Matilda had such a nice birthday. She is such a lucky little girl!!! We are so proud of you!!!!


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