My little babe is turning four today! These pictures were snapped over the past year. Yesterday we made strawberry cupcakes for her preschool class and she was so excited to bring them in this morning. When I left her she was proudly wearing the class birthday crown with a four on it. Y'all I get misty every year. It's just amazing how quickly time flies.

We are having a small family party tonight with pizza (birthday girl's request) and lots of My Little Pony. This morning Matilda came in our room and said, "The birthday fairy left me a HUGE number 4!"

Happy birthday to the light of our lives.
photo series taken from my instagram

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  1. soooo cute !! :))
    mine are turning 16 and 9 ... I miss days of crowns and cupcakes!! LoL
    Danielle -

  2. So adorable! Happy Birthday, Matilda!

  3. I think the correct quote was "The birthday fairy left a huge number 4..."

    1. oh excuse me first time commenter. i'll correct it. ;)

  4. such sweet photos, lesley. happy birthday to your beautiful matilda!

  5. She is absolutely adorable & she's grown so much this year! Happy Birthday, Matilda!

  6. She has gotten so much taller this year! Crazy to see all the pics together like this. She's as darling as ever and I will be calling in a bit to speak to the birthday girl. Love you all!

  7. I love FOUR. I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever. Happy Birthday to Matilda!

  8. I think four is the most fun age for the parent. It's when they are young enough not to talk back but old enough to go out and do things with you.


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