When we were getting ready for Matilda, the prospect of getting another little one ready to welcome baby wasn't a part of the equation. This time, not only are we getting ready for baby but I want to make sure that Matilda doesn't feel lost in the shuffle. I also want to create a fun reward system for her! I came up with the idea of these daily "surprise bags" for when she's helpful or does something really kind without being asked. A win/win if you ask me. These bags are beyond easy to make. You could get seven ready for the week ahead and have an amazing incentive for happy days.
You will need:
  • A folded over 12 x 12 piece of fabric
  • A rubber band, ribbon, or yarn
  • I used packing labels for the days of the week
  • goodies (I raided the dollar bin at target for these fun, vintage-inspired treats)

    To make the bag:
  • Use pinking shears to cut out along the sides and top (keep the folded over fabric on the bottom in tact).
  • I used a zig zag stitch to stitch along the sides and voila... done!
    Other bag ideas:
  • Pages of coloring books
  • "Colors" of the day - use a few crayons per bag
  • Play dough
  • Little toys you already have around
  • Insert your idea here (I would love to hear other suggestions in the comments!)

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    1. These are so sweet! My daughter is six and we're expecting #2 in about a month and I think I will make some of these up for her. She is a new reader so maybe I'll include some easy/short books and a CD with a recording of me reading it aloud. She has a CD player in her room and loves being in charge of it so I think it would tickle her to listen to me read and follow along in the book.

      1. congrats to you guys! that's such a great idea hillary. so fun. i may do that with the skippy jon jones book we have (it comes with a cd). thanks!

    2. Love this idea! Might have to try it.:)

    3. This is precious! What a good idea. You are a sweet mama :)

    4. That's a really cute idea! Shes going to love it :)


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