I don't know that I've been nesting as much as I've had the strongest desire to be home. My homebody instincts have kicked in big time. It felt so good to blast some country music yesterday and clean. Have you tried the Method Pear Ginger cleaner? It is my new favorite smell and my whole house smelled like it. Heaven. Hope you all have an amazing weekend. We have a birthday party to attend, a dinner out with friends, and hopefully some sort of fall fun.

I've had several families on my heart this week. I wanted to share with you... My Mom met this adorable couple on her plane ride home from New Jersey. Their infant daughter Maple is scheduled for surgery this month to repair her tiny bladder. If you're interested in helping them, you can contact them here. I've also had Delilah in my thoughts. She has a rare disease call Diamond Black-Fan Anemia. You can go here to vote for the DBA Foundation to win a really big grant that could change so many lives. Lastly, I discovered this heart breaking story on Instagram about the accidental death of sweet Penny who was only 21 months old. Photographer Jill Thomas and her families' faith and strength during absolute tragedy is astounding and amazing. Insurance didn't cover a lot of the costs, so donations are being collected.

A few things I loved this week...
  • The prettiest sick day post ever.
  • I want to make some crock pot potpourri this weekend.
  • These boots in a size 9.5, please.
  • This article on what a family really needs after the birth of a new baby.

    A few things you may have missed...
  • A story about a fun little meltdown at Pregnancy and Newborn.
  • I braved the fair after a pretty gross previous experience.
  • My new favorite pumpkin bread that I think you'll love.
  • Surprise bags to entertain Matilda post-baby.
  • 33 weeks! I can't believe we're getting so close...

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    1. Lesley, your blog just looks beautiful these days! Keep up the good work.

    2. i heard about the penny story on ig as well and i just cried in my car while parker slept -- so incredibly sad. the family's strength and faith seem pretty incredible though.

      nesting! getting so close!

    3. That succulent is still alive and kicking!

    4. your pictures are awesome! you're inspring me to get my camera out again <3


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