1. fresh flowers make me incredibly happy/ 2. new pillows/ 3. vintage baby clothes

Doesn't it feel great to welcome in September? I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. I for one am desperately looking forward to the cooler weather that this month brings. September is one of my very favorites... the leaves are changing, there is this feeling of newness and possibility, and my first born baby girl was born this month.

We've been frantically trying to get the girls' room finished with our extra day together this week. Three trips to Ikea, two to Home Depot, and lots of whispered notsonice words later, we are finally making some major progress. I've got a tour coming your way tomorrow...

ps Matilda and I both wore that sweet little outfit home from the hospital and so will this baby girl.

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  1. such a cute outfit and tradition! can't wait to see the girls' room and I agree about fall. I REALLY wish we had fall here in FL. I just pretend I am in GA and that cooler weather, changing leaves, and all the fall festivals are coming. even though not one of those things will happen:( boo!

  2. Love the outfit! You should have it framed when your family is complete one day ;) are you enjoying your new camera lens?!

    1. that's such a great idea nat! i am loving my news lens, still trying to get the hang of it... xo


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