I'm getting to the point where people are asking, "Any day now, huh?" and "What are you having?" and then I'll answer, "A girl" and then they'll say, "Oh, I can tell." What does that mean?

I'm so thankful to be feeling good and to have some pep in my step. This week has been really full with Matilda and I under the weather, shooting some behind the scenes of an upcoming cookbook (not mine!), and the sweetest work shower that Sam's co-workers put together. We are also planning a yard sale for the weekend and I'm working on getting tons of posts ready for the lovely ladies I work for. Also hoping to squeeze in some time at the pumpkin patch. We'll see!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. AND I love your outfit.

  2. Love that necklace! You are beautiful. Your FB post, "The fun comments from strangers are beginning!" made me laugh. I've been warned that the baby questions/comments start now...and don't really end until you have two or three kids and firmly announce that you are done. Forever. (Grooooan) People really do ask and say the most random things where babies are concerned!!

    You seem to have a healthy sense of humor about it, though ;) I need to take a page from your book and laugh about it more!!

    xoxo girlie!

  3. you look great!! I loooove your necklace! can't wait to see pictures of your little girl when she gets here!

  4. Haha...So funny how people *think* they can tell what you're having! I love your outfit, you look super cute!

  5. I'm totally expecting! 11 weeks this week! Oh I hope I look this chic and beautiful at 34 weeks. You are an inspiration in so many ways. And you are getting so close! Excited for you and your family. Much love!


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