Matilda received a doll for her birthday from my sweet grandparents, complete with scissors and water bottle. While she loves playing with her dolls, she really loves practicing her styling skills on me and Sam (and Guinness!). I captured these the other day when Matilda was fresh out of the bath and wearing her birthday crown. She took "a little off the top" of her Daddy's hair. I'm telling you, she kills me. As sassy as she is these days, she just makes me laugh! She has the funniest little personality.

Over the weekend we got some much needed things done making me feel slightly saner. I have been feeling nutty, y'all. I actually googled: "37 weeks feeling crazy and angry." Judge not for there were so many posts that came up and validated my insanity, most of them absolutely hilarious. I know it's the hormones, but geez. I've been up during the middle of the night for sometimes hours and the way I keep myself entertained is so laughable. I can't even tell you the types of things I'm reading. Ridiculous. I know it's all good and perfect preparation for what's to come. I've been storing up creativity and rest when I can, leaving this spot a bit neglected. I'm not one to give into naps and lately that's all I want to do. It was so nice having Sam's help over the weekend.

Today I'll be playing pretend model for Pregnancy and Newborn (don't laugh), I'll try and share some "behind the scenes" on Instagram. Excited about playing dress up. Happy Monday!

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  1. Ooh, what a shoot! So exciting! Congrats, and I can't wait to see more!


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