Every now and then I get a little deeper than others in this here spot. Right now I'm in this season of blowing winds, total lack of control, change. For a control freak planner-type gal this is a challenge. I've been sick for the last couple of days, I haven't been sleeping, Matilda has been sick, Sam has been tired (he played back to back Halloween shows over the weekend), and we've been struggling to be kind to each other and to keep the house in order. That seems like the most important thing right now. It really isn't.

I had grand plans of cooking all weekend and freezing meals. It didn't happen. I got this incredible message from my friend Lora about holding closely to God right now, and to embrace FAITH and not fear. I've been so anxious about so many things that I have zero control over. She recommended journaling through it all and praying over our baby until she's ready to make her appearance. It was such solid, beautiful advice. She also walked me through some things that helped her have five natural births. She's amazing, that one.

Focusing on what is making me so happy right now:

  • the anticipation of our daughter
  • pear ginger anything by method
  • seeing this little one dressed up - excited about her class party today!
  • dark chocolate raspberry & nut trail mix
  • our new double stroller arrived yesterday
  • folding tiny clothes
  • having hilarious conversations with Matilda
  • we (i watched) carved our very first pumpkin as a family
  • parenthood - best show ever?
  • the cold weather and howling winds
  • wearing regular clothes on top, pajamas on the bottom

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    1. lesley, this is why i love your blog. it's honest. you capture life and motherhood in a really genuine way and i love that! cannot wait to see photos of your new addition!

      1. kate! so good to hear from you. i keep trying to find you and don't see your blog on your profile. thinking of you guys and excited for you as you embark on this next chapter!!

    2. And as hard as it can be, being humbled by lack of control is a wonderful thing. :) thanks for being so open on here. I feel like you let us get to know you and so it's like visiting a friend. Hang in there, dear friend. This is such a big season of change for all of you. But it will be wonderful!

      Jayne B.

    3. thank you guys! that means so much.

    4. Lesley, your blog post this morning really couldn't have come at a better time. With less than a week until our due date, I have been feeling increasingly anxious and overwhelmed from all of the unknowns of birthing this child. A planner, myself, I am having a hard time giving in to the fact that I can't control everything. So, thank you for sharing your heart and offering up a bit of honesty. And, starting now, I am going to try to focus on all of those things that make me happy...most importantly the birth of our daughter!

    5. I've rarely comment, but after reading I thought I would tell you something... bc I know in faith you will understand. I worried that the arrival of my second child would be difficult. I mourned loosing the life I had with just my daughter and prayed that he would fit in well. I knew God's hand was involved throughout his conception and pregnancy. Yet I still had this uneasiness. What I was failing to see is how well orchestrated my son was to my daughter, not just to my husband and I. He came for her. He has changed her life. Made her move along to the next part of her journey here on earth. Seeing their relationship grow, her grow, our family grow and the unity that he has created is an immeasurable experience that seldom gets expressed to us young mothers, when we are scared. And... having two is so much easier then one!

      This little girl chose you. You are perfect for her. And she knows full well what she is coming into, your tri-fecta.

      Blessings and best of luck.

      (P.S. I'm on Instagram at Lia Dominique Andress, I left you a comment about the full moon the other day)

      1. this was so wonderful to read. thank you so much for sharing that with me lia. so happy for you and your family!

    6. Such a blessing to have good friends, sounds like her advice was right on time. :)

    7. Such a cute picture of y'all! She looks like you. Sending happy thoughts your way!

    8. Most often when I read your blog, it's from my phone or iPad, so I don't leave comments, but I want you to know I am thinking of you and your family as you prepare to bring a new little one into the world. And I'm rooting for you. You're gonna rock this! All of it! The One who loves you best never makes mistakes and never lets us down. Thank goodness! He loves us even when we feel most unloveable, whew!

      1. thank you SO much for the encouragement heather!! love to you and your family.


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